規格 2Mx16
電壓 1.7-1.95V
速度(ns) 70
腳位/封裝 VFBGA(54)
狀態 Prod
評注 CRAM 1.5
產品系列 66 = Pseudo SRAM
硅片版本 E
焊接 L = 無鉛
温規 I = 工業級 (-40C to +85°C)

IS66WVC2M16ECLL-7010BLI 特徵

  • Single device supports asynchronous , page, and burst operation
  • Mixed Mode supports asynchronous write and synchronous read operation
  • Dual voltage rails for optional performance
    • ALL: VDD 1.7V~1.95V, VDDQ 1.7V~1.95V
    • CLL: VDD 1.7V~1.95V, VDDQ 2.7V~3.6V
  • Asynchronous mode read access : 70ns Interpage Read access : 70ns Intrapage Read access : 25ns
  • Burst mode for Read and Write operation
    • 4, 8, 16,32 or Continuous
  • Low Power Consumption
    • Asynchronous Operation < 30 mA
    • Intrapage Read < 20mA
    • Burst operation < 45 mA (@133Mhz)
    • Standby < 150 uA(max.)
    • Deep power-down (DPD) < 3uA (Typ)
  • Low Power Feature
    • Reduced Array Refresh
    • Temperature Controlled Refresh
    • Deep power-down (DPD) mode
  • Operation Frequency up to 133Mhz
  • Operating temperature Range Industrial -40°C~85°C


The IS66WVC2M16EALL/CLL is an integrated memory device containing 32Mbit Pseudo Static Random Access Memory using a self-refresh DRAM array organized as 2M words by 16 bits. The device includes several power saving modes : Reduced Array Refresh mode where data is retained in a portion of the array and Temperature Controlled Refresh. Both these modes reduce standby current drain. The device can be operated in a standard asynchronous mode and high performance burst mode. The die has separate power rails, VDDQ and VSSQ for the I/O to be run from a separate power supply from the device core.